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Rick Scott Served With Subpoena During Press Conference

During his press conference today, not only did Rick Scott call GOP gubernatorial primary opponent Bill McCollum “the Tonya Harding of Florida politics,” but Scott was served with a subpoena. The Tallahassee Democrat reports:

Tallahassee attorney Steve Andrews filed suit Monday to force disclosure of Scott’s deposition that is sealed under a confidentiality agreement. Scott was handed a subpoena when he arrived for his news conference. Scott said the settlement “is a private matter” and he will not willingly disclose what he said in the deposition.

Earlier in the day, McCollum said he had no knowledge of the complaints and denied using the FDLE or the Andrews law firm to hobble the GOP frontrunner.

Andrews said he had a private detective hand Scott a subpoena in front of reporters because “it’s my understanding that he has houses in several countries, some of which don’t have extradition treaties with the United States.”

If the McCollum campaign really isn’t involved, it is sure using the event to its advantage:

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