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RNC Lends Press Secretary to Nevada GOP

With candidates currently polling neck-and-neck in Nevada’s Third Congressional District and U.S. Senate races, this battleground state’s GOP faithful can consider themselves fortunate that a pro has rolled in for the showdown.

Jahan Wilcox, the Republican National Committee’s Western Regional Press Secretary, has told BATTLE ‘10 he will be handling all press for the Nevada Republican Party through the elections. Wilcox became the sender of state party press releases on Aug. 2, the day before the party’s former Communications Director, Ciara Matthews, resigned and became Sharron Angle’s new Deputy Communications Director.

GOP insiders say they are happy with Wilcox because he is proactive and aggressive with his press releases, and as one party staffer so delicately phrased it, “Wilcox saves us cash, since he’s on the RNC payroll.” He also does not answer to the state party’s Executive Committee, enabling him to be swifter than past communications personnel in his responses to the political ground game.

Wilcox’ press releases have so far focused mostly on Harry Reid with occasional jabs at incumbent congresswoman Dina Titus and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid.


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