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Romanoff Needs a Little Help from His Friends to Pay Off Primary Debt

Former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff’s failed attempt to unseat appointed Sen. Michael Bennet in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary isn’t over–Romanoff has some outstanding bills to pay:

The winding down of Romanoff’s campaign is now focused on up to $350,000 in debt incurred during the former Colorado House speaker’s unsuccessful primary run against Sen. Michael Bennet.

The relevant Facebook page has switched from Romanoff rallying the troops with posts about his travels and his dog, to the topic of “Let’s Clear the Debt.”

Romanoff and his campaign managers say they have about $100,000 in payments outstanding to various vendors from the campaign, as well as $250,000 that Romanoff loaned the campaign after selling his house and drawing down savings.

While Romanoff won’t get his house back (he sold it), he is trying to recoup some of the money he made available to his campaign in the 11th hour primary push.


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