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Romanoff Supporters Crash Bennet Rally

The heated rhetoric between the Democratic U.S. Senate candidates has spilled over to campaign events, with Andrew Romanoff’s supporters crashing a rally called by Michael Bennet intended to refute recent negative campaign ads leveled at the Senator. The hastily assembled group of protestors repeatedly heckled Bennet.

Bennet, whose own crowd was dwarfed by those backing Romanoff, saw his event devolve into an acrimonious, intraparty “shouting match”:

Tempers were short outside Colorado’s state Capitol as supporters of Bennet’s Democratic challenger, Andrew Romanoff, crowded sidewalks and tried to interrupt the senator’s event.

Bennet called reporters to the event to blast recent television ads by Romanoff, but Romanoff supporters spread text messages and phone calls in the hours before the event calling for opposition. More than 100 Romanoff backers complied. They waved Romanoff signs, chanted “Better off with Romanoff!” and crowded in front a podium to block camera shots of the senator. […]

Bennet decried the attack to the throng of Democrats, who were wearing different shades of blue, a medium blue for Bennet and navy for Romanoff.

“It’s an attack on my integrity that we can’t take any more,” Bennet said, to cheers from a few dozen on his side.

Bennet dismissed the Romanoff jabs:

My job is to worry about representing the people of Colorado. My job is not to worry about my job. My job is to worry about the jobs of the people in Colorado, the jobs they had and the jobs they don’t have, the jobs they’ve lost and the jobs they need to get back– that’s my job. And as for his attacks on my integrity, all I need as my guide is to go home at night, tuck my three little girls in and be able to say to them they can be proud of what their dad did. That’s all I need to do.

The Senator referred to attacks seen in a recent ad by Romanoff entitled “Greed” that points to Bennet’s work with Colorado billionaire Phil Anschutz that claims he “looted” companies while pocketing $11 million–a real-life Gordon Gekko:

The Denver Post called the ad “cynical politics at its worst.”

The Bennet campaign built on the Post’s editorial, and fired back with its own new ad released today:

On Monday Bennet loaned himself $300,000–matching a similar loan made by Romanoff to his own campaign just last week.


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