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Rory Reid Ad Claims Sandoval Will Cut Education

One of gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s core campaign issues has been the dismal state of education in Nevada and his big plans to fix the whole system if elected. Reid is now up with a new web ad that–like a previous television ad and his many recent press releases–takes some creative license in characterizing and criticizing the supposed education plans of his opponent, Brian Sandoval:


Reid’s education ad from the end of July was similarly tough, claiming the short-term budget fix Sandoval had submitted during the primary would cut education by hundreds of millions and layoff one in five teachers:



Sandoval has repeatedly denied that he wishes to layoff any Nevada teachers and has often said he wants teachers to “come to the table” to talk about pay cuts that would make firings unnecessary.


Neither candidate has yet proposed a budget–education or otherwise–for the next fiscal year despite repeated promises that they would do so “soon.” Sandoval and Reid have agreed to debate on education issues later this month at the Agassi School in Las Vegas.


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