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Scott Tries to Mend Fences but McCollum Hasn’t Endorsed

Now that Rick Scott is the Republican gubernatorial nominee, he’s busy extending the campaign tent to make room for former primary opponents and critics. Scott has a meeting with Florida GOP Chairman John Thrasher today.

Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, called Scott on Wednesday and “committed the full resources of the RGA to his election as governor of Florida,” according to a press release. The incoming speaker of the statehouse and president of the state senate have stated that any differences with Scott are “water under the bridge.”

Scott’s primary opponent Bill McCollum, though, says he is focusing on the final months of his tenure as attorney general and is withholding judgment.

“I still have serious questions…about issues of his character, his integrity, his honesty,” McCollum told reporters today. “As other voters will do, I will judge him throughout this campaign.”


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