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Sestak Reacts To Club For Growth Attacks

Joe Sestak doesn’t like being called “very liberal.” After the Club for Growth, a free-market advocacy group, began airing ads last week painting Sestak as “very liberal” for, among other things, saying “that the $787 billion Obama-Pelosi stimulus plan should have spent even more,” Sestak responded:

‘Former Wall Street derivatives trader, Congressman Toomey, led the biggest spending spree in history with all of the benefits lavished on Wall Street at the expense of the middle class,’ Mellody said. ‘So, it’s not surprising that his Wall Street special interest friends are coming in from out of state to mislead Pennsylvanians about Joe’s record. Pennsylvania understands that Joe Sestak has the practical solutions to create jobs and invest in the middle class rather than Wall Street.’

It requires a special type of chutzpah on the park of Sestak to feign indignation over “friends … coming in from out of state” to help Toomey. This, from a guy who’s spent the past month stumping with his own out-of-state friends: former president Clinton, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and, most recently, Chuck Hagel, ex-senator from Nebraska.

The original Club for Growth ad:


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