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Sharron Angle’s Strategy: Work the Grassroots Money

Sharron Angle has been spending roughly a quarter of her time doing media appearances and the other three quarters fundraising.

So said Angle communications director Jarrod Agen in an interview with BATTLE ‘10 today, although he noted her conservative-friendly media appearances can kill two birds with one stone because they often result in signficant cash flow.

Some fun was made of Angle’s frank admission that she seeks out friendly media so she can mention her website and ask for donations, but is her much-questioned media method really an ingenious maneuver?

That’s what Agen says. “Listeners tuning in to yesterday’s appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show pushed her close to the $3 million mark in online fundraising,” he said. “We have every reason to expect we will raise millions more between now and October.”

Campaign cash translates into new ads, and a brand new one is in the works this week, said Agen.

In addition to her media appearances, Angle will be appearing along with keynote speaker Karl Rove at the Steamboat Institute’s annual conference this Thursday in Colorado. She will speak at Sean Hannity’s sold-out Freedom Concert the next evening at the Orleans in Las Vegas.


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