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Steve Stivers Attacked for Being Anti-Worker and…Anti-Environment?!

This week, the National Resources Defense Council put out an ad (included below) in the Columbus Dispatch and a hit piece in the Huffington Post slamming Stivers for supposedly supporting the creation of green jobs in China, but not the United States. Highlights from the HuffPo piece:

Steve Stivers falsely calls cap and trade a ‘job killer’ that will lead to higher electricity bills for Ohio families. In reality, strong clean energy and climate legislation would create a net of 1.9 million jobs, according to in-depth study by the University of Illinois, Yale University and the University of California. In Ohio, this would mean 61,000 new, good-paying jobs created over the next ten years. And, as analysis by the experts in the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office shows, the effect of ACES on electricity bills will be, as Rep. Kilroy said, less than going to the movies once a month.

Stivers doesn’t just stop at opposing clean energy and climate legislation, he also disagree[s]’ with the statement, ‘Man-made global warming is a scientific fact and immediate action to lower CO2 emissions is necessary to prevent an environmental catastrophe.’ And, if denying the unassailable science behind climate change wasn’t enough, Stivers also opposes our right to hold the government accountable in court for protecting our public health and environment.

Stivers’ strong anti-environmental views are not so surprising when you consider the sources of his campaign cash, such as oil and coal services giant Koch Industries, Murray Energy and Rep. Joe Barton’s Texas Freedom PAC

What’s especially ironic about this article’s paranoia is that the National Resource Defense Council is practically begging for a similar conspiracy theory to be spun about its supporters and directors. One of the people on their board of directors is none other than Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel.


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