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Strickland Has a Space Ace in the Hole

Proving he still has teeth, Democratic Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has pulled out a big local name to support his campaign: Former Senator and Astronaut John Glenn. Whether this will breathe new life into his campaign is anyone’s guess. The Examiner reports:

Glenn, who lost a bid in 1976 to become the Democrat’s vice presidential pick to Walter Mondale and who failed to launch when he ran for president in 1984, blasted off on Monday in support of incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who finds his popularity sagging after three years in office as his Republican opponent, John Kasich, enjoys a small lead in recent polls as the fall election season approaches like a comet that could destroy the reign of Democrats in both Washington and Columbus. […]

Glenn said Strickland has been fighting for jobs in a way that will make Ohio proud, noting that Strickland, a former Buckeye congressman from southeast Ohio who decimated his Republican opponent Ken Blackwell in 2006 by a wide margin, is ‘working to grow our economy from the ground up instead of supporting the trickle-down policies that sent our jobs overseas.’


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