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Tea Party Express Releases First Pro-Angle Radio Ad of General Election

Our Country Deserves Better PAC, the political arm of the Tea Party Express, has created their first pro-Angle radio ad of the general-election season. The group is seeking donations in order to to buy airtime:


The Tea Party Express press release states they are “looking for 1,000 patriots” to make a contribution. Twenty-one people, the group reports, have contributed $500 or more, and they are looking for 29 more $500 contributors to meet a goal of 50. The Tea Party Express website prominently features donate buttons for Joe Miller who is running for U.S. Senate in Alaska as well as for Angle.

The Tea Party Express was recently in the spotlight because one of its leaders, Mark Williams, posted a satirical letter to President Lincoln from “the Colored People” praising slavery. The ensuing fallout and controversy got the group expelled from the national Tea Party Federation, and the group was roundly criticized by others as well.

At the time, Angle was asked whether she would disavow the group and perhaps even refuse to accept their fundraising dollars. Her campaign condemned the remarks and denounced the “inflammatory language,” but Angle also said the words of “one person” should not “represent the attitude of the hundreds of thousands of citizens” who make up the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party Express, which also helped push Scott Brown over the top in Massachusetts earlier in the year, appealed to its 350,000 members and raised around $500,000 for Angle this spring. The funds were primarily used to purchase TV and radio ads on Nevada’s airwaves in order to help secure Angle’s win in the GOP primary. 

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