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Toomey Raps about Dubiously ‘Independent’ Sestak

In what is quite possibly the first use of Eminem in a Pennsylvania political-campaign video, Pat Toomey has released, “Will The Real Joe Sestak Please Stand Up?

Sestak has been working for the past month to cast himself as an independent, non-ideological candidate by appearing with so-called moderates like Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and, now, Chuck Hagel.

If the Toomey campaign condensed this into a 60-second television ad, it perhaps would be compelling among independents dissatisfied with government spending. As it stands, it’ll probably end up bouncing around the internet echo-chamber.

The sharpest question in the video campaign is from David Gregory, who asks a grinning Sestak, “You voted for TARP, for the bailout, for the president’s stimulus plan, for the president’s healthcare plan. Exactly which establishment are you not part of that you’re running against?”


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