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US Chamber of Commerce Piles On in Ohio Senate Race


In response, the Lee Fisher campaign has released this press release pleading for a life line:

Have you seen the latest ad a pro-outsourcing group is running for Congressman Portman?

Hot on the heels of the ad Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads, dumped on Ohio’s airwaves last week, the U.S. Chamber of Congress is piling on with $250,000 worth of misleading pro-Portman advertising.

Frankly, $250,000 buys a lot of TV ads that we can’t combat without your help.

We need your donation of $10 today to hit back with our own truthful ads — and soon.

We’ve always known we have an uphill financial battle on our hands. It’s not surprising Congressman Portman’s friends from his days as George W. Bush’s Trade Czar are coming out of the woodwork to support a candidate they know will promote their pet policies.

But the pet policies of the organization running these ads, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are pretty scary. Among their pro-big business priorities is protecting the tax breaks that reward companies for shipping Ohio jobs overseas. 

Their president, Tom Donohue, has even said that outsourcing is necessary because Americans are “short of skills” and people out of work should “stop whining” about outsourcing.

We can’t let Congressman Portman return to Washington with his rubber-stamp for those kinds of harmful policies, and we need your help to defeat him.

Contribute $10 today to help us counteract the overwhelming false advertising running against Lee.

I’m going to be honest. On our own, we don’t have the resources to outspend Congressman Portman’s campaign and American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Congress. That’s where you come in.

I can’t emphasize enough how urgent this is. Please give what you can to support Lee today: www.fisherforohio.com/contribute


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