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Which Candidate Will Nevada’s Jobs Issue Help?

The Harry Reid and Sharron Angle campaigns have been arguing over jobs.

This morning, from Team Reid:

Reid To Angle: Losing 1,400 Education Jobs Would Have Been A Crisis

LAS VEGAS, NV – Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement in response to Sharron Angle’s callous disregard for the potential loss of 1,400 jobs.

Angle: “Well I think the emergency is only in Harry Reid’s mind

“Fighting for Nevada jobs is my job. I can assure Sharron Angle that losing 1,400 education jobs would have been a crisis. Whether we’re talking about 22,000 jobs at CityCenter, cutting taxes for small businesses, or protecting thousands of jobs in our education system, Sharron Angle appears to oppose just about any effort to protect jobs in Nevada. Every job matters, and if Sharron doesn’t understand that, then she’s not prepared to represent Nevada in the United States Senate.

Fight over City Center

angle perhaps should have continued to ask whether or not it is appropirate for the Sen Maj Leader to pressure banks to amke loans to struggling deveolpments

instead she said “it’s not my job as a US senator to create jobs but environment in which…”



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