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Zach Space: Screw the Polls, I Have Money

The Democratic incumbent of Ohio’s 18th Congressional District (historically, one of the more competitive in the nation), appears to be in trouble:

Rep. Zack Space (D) is “in an extremely vulnerable position” in Ohio’s 18th district, according to internal polling released Monday afternoon by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The poll evidently puts Space neck-and-neck with Republican challenger Bob Gibbs, with each netting 43 percent of the vote. In response, Space has fired back:

The Space campaign announced that the congressman has exceeded the $2 million fundraising mark for cycle. And with more than $1.2 million on hand, Space is far outpowering state Sen. Bob Gibbs, (R) who reported just under $210,000 on hand.

“We’re in a very strong position financially,” said Space spokesman Andrew Ricci.[…]

“He’s going to have to convince donors that he’s still viable. The best way to do that is with an internal poll,” Ricci said. “It’s a strategic move by the NRCC after the New York Times basically said that Zack Space wasn’t vulnerable any more.”

Considering that the Ohio Dem strategy revolves around class warfare, I would think touting your fundraising numbers and mocking your opponent’s desperation for funds would be a bit contradictory.


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