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Battle Born Bullets

  • The Las Vegas Review Journal has an update and a response from the office of Harry Reid on that “pay for play” piece posted here earlier. Both Reid and the owner of Arcata denied there is any “quid pro quo.” The RJ blurb includes more info on candidates to whom the Wong’s have contributed, some of them Republicans. Nonetheless, do not be surprised to see this story star in an upcoming campaign ad.

  • Nate Silver talks Tea Party electoral algebra including the factor of Angle (so maybe it’s really geometry). Silver rightly says if GOP candidates do well in November -– ”and particularly if Tea Party-backed candidates like Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sharron Angle of Nevada win their races” -– the Tea Party will get the credit, but if they do not…they will surely take the blame. This is true not only nationally but in every state including Nevada. Much depends on the outcome of the U.S. Senate race in the Battle Born State.

  • “Tea Party of Nevada” candidate, Scott Ashjian, has kept things entertaining all season long. A strongly worded cease-and-desist letter is the latest of his antics. The missive is addressed to the Angle campaign and says he is trademarking “tea party candidate” so (wait for it…) Team Angle should immediately stop using the term “tea party candidate” to describe her.

  • Daily Caller political reporter Chris Moody debunks a recent please-help-us-catch-up-to-Angle fundraising plea from the Harry Reid campaign. Why is it nonsense? The majority leader’s coffers are virtually bottomless.

  • Sharron Angle did Tweet earlier today that she has raised $900,000 so far in September. That pace is respectable, but it isn’t going to help her match Reid.


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