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Blumenthal Leads By Six Points

This morning, Quinnipiac University released a poll showing Connecticut’s Democratic attorney general Richard Blumenthal leading Republican candidate Linda McMahon 51 to 45 percent among likely voters. Note that Blumenthal is not under 50 percent — the Bermuda Triangle for incumbents — but he’s pretty darn close. The Hartford Courant is highlighting the fact that much of McMahon’s support seems to be protest votes:

A significant percent of McMahon’s support can be attributed to voters’ desire for anybody but Blumenthal: 42 percent said they view their vote as against Blumenthal rather than for McMahon.

Former Republican State Senator Kevin Rennie, however, is emphasizing another factoid:

Connecticut voters are close to unanimous on the state of the nation’s economy: 91% are either somewhat or very worried about it.   Mr. Blumenthal has had little to say about the economy in his campaign, which has emphasized his record as attorney general.

Blumenthal’s ads, for instance, offer a litany of lawsuits but no vision on the economy. Try his latest ad, “Protecting the Long Island Sound.”

God bless the sound, but is it really that important right now?


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