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Buck Launches Bennet vs. Bennet Video Channel

Ken Buck’s campaign has updated its BennetvsBennet.com website with a handful of new videos, all taking on comments or quotes from Sen. Michael Bennet showing what the Buck campaign believes are flip-flops or misdirections by the appointed senator.

The first video points to the video from November 2009 where Bennet, in an appearance on CNN, responded with an emphatic “Yes” to the question: “Every piece of evidence tells you if you support that bill, you will lose your job, would you cast that vote and lose your job?” In the second debate between the two Senate candidates in Colorado Springs last weekend, Bennet told the crowd, “That’s not what I said,” referring to the CNN segment:

The second video shows Bennet in an interview with the New York Times discussing tax cuts and the Employee Free Choice Act and is titled “The Art of Avoiding Questions with Professor Bennet”:


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