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Cancelled CO-4 Debate Sparks Accusations

Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey’s insistence on the inclusion of two third-party candidates in a debate between CO-4 candidates yesterday scuttled the October 16 event.

Markey’s campaign blamed the cancellation on a failure to “hear from everybody” in the race.

Those comments sparked a back-and-forth between the incumbent’s camp and Republican Cory Gardner’s supporters in the NRCC:

National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Joanna Burgos said Markey is using an excuse to escape a debate with Gardner.

“Betsy Markey is merely ducking and dodging because she knows she can’t handle playing in the big leagues with Cory Gardner,” Burgos said.

Marter said Markey’s campaign is working on scheduling new debates in October.

“I think frankly Cory Gardner is terrified to debate these Tea Party candidates in the race,” Marter said.


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