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Chorus of Discontent: Colorado Republicans React to Dim ‘Recovery Summer’

Today’s news from the U.S. Department of Labor showing that the U.S. economy lost 54,000 jobs, rising one tenth of a percent to 9.6 percent, drew a stern reaction from the state’s Republican candidates. Late August statistics available from the Colorado Department of Labor showed the state with an 8 percent unemployment rate.

Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-6) was first to weigh in this morning:

“It is simply unacceptable that 18 months after Democrats pushed through an $862 billion “stimulus” spending spree to spur job creation, unemployment sits at 9.6%.  Unemployment has been above 9% for nearly a year and a half and there are more than 14.8 million unemployed Americans looking for work that just isn’t there.   It’s time President Obama and Democrat leaders in Congress admit their big-government deficit spending economic policies have failed.

We are in no better hiring climate than we were at this time last year.  Coloradans are hurting and still asking, “Where are the jobs?”  There are better solutions that include enacting pro-growth economic policies, reducing regulatory burdens on small businesses, and not raising taxes in the middle of a deep recession.”

Ken Buck, candidate for U.S. Senate facing appointed Sen. Michael Bennet, told BATTLE ‘10:

“While appointed Sen. Bennet claims that he created jobs in his latest commercial, today’s job numbers reflect the real Bennet-Obama record–three straight months of jobs lost.  Colorado needs a senator who will not be a rubberstamp for the big spending and high taxes that have sent millions of Americans to the unemployment lines, but one who will fight for jobs and against big spending.”

Rachel Boxer, spokeswoman for 4th Congressional District candidate Cory Gardner, blasted the Democratic incumbent Rep. Betsy Markey:

“President Obama actually had the audacity to call 9.6 percent unemployment good news, while Congresswoman Betsy Markey struggles to make up her mind whether we’re still in a recession.”

Ryan Frazier, who is seeking to replace two-term incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter, had a few questions for the Democrat:

“Where are the jobs, Ed? The ‘summer of recovery’ touted by the White House, and Ed Perlmutter, clearly didn’t work.

President Barack Obama today said, ‘We are moving in the right direction,’ and called the new unemployment statistics ‘positive.’

If these numbers are considered positive by the President, I don’t want to see what negative looks like.”

Scott Tipton, facing a rematch of his 2006 battle with Rep. John Salazar, chimed in via Facebook:

Today’s announcement of 9.6% unemployment for August is especially poignant as we head into the Labor Day weekend. During what was billed by Democrats as the “Recovery Summer,” we lost 283,000 jobs from June through August–a number that represents an unacceptably high rate of out of work Americans.

Despite the bad economic news President Obama has decided to stay the course with his “recovery summer” theme.


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