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CO Gubernatorial Campaign Finance Reports Update

For the period ending September 15, the three gubernatorial candidates have filed their campaign-finance reports, showing a wildly disparate range of contributions and expenditures.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper (D) raised $215,400 and spent $156,742, adding approximately $57,000 and bringing his ending balance to $228,629.

Dan Maes (R) raised $14,467 and spent $10,289, adding approximately $4,200 overall and bringing his ending balance to $23,963.

Tom Tancredo (ACP) raised $120,468 but spent $179,238, drawing down approximately $59,000 from his previous balance, ending the filing period with $80,503.

Maes called for a “Constitution Day” moneybomb on September 17, seeking $500,000. The fundraiser fell outside of this reporting period’s filings, and attempts to reach the Maes campaign about the success of last week’s fundraiser have not been successful.

More on Maes’s meager cash flow:

Political analyst Floyd Ciruli says Dan Maes, the Republican candidate for governor, has been abandoned by his party and even his supporters in the Tea Party movement. In the last two weeks, Maes campaign reports it has raised $14,000.  In the same two week period, Democrat, John Hickenlooper, raised $218,000 and third party candidate, Tom Tancredo, raised $120,000.  Ciruli says it will be difficult for Maes to run a viable campaign in the weeks ahead but he doesn’t believe Maes will drop out of the race.  He still has enough gas money to make campaign stops and to take part in candidate debates.

**Update: Tancredo’s campaign responds to Maes’ fundraising:


In response to the news that Dan Maes raised only $14,000 this reporting period, Tancredo campaign manager Bay Buchanan issued the following statement:

“Dan Maes said he would make history. Well he has. Dan raised less money in a reporting period than any other Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado ever has. Congratulations, Dan.”


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