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CO Gubernatorial Forum on Children

GOP nominee Dan Maes and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper attended a forum on issues of particular concern to children last week at Colorado’s Children’s Hospital. Tom Tancredo was invited but skipped the event, citing a fundraising conflict.

Early childhood development, K-12 education, child health, and fiscal policies addressing children were the topics of conversation.

Both men discussed the idea of raising taxes for education, and found an area of agreement:

Both candidates were asked by Golden parent Jason Vale if they would support raising taxes to provide more money for Colorado school children.

“There is no appetite, and I’m not just talking in rural areas and on the Eastern Plains, in suburban metro Denver, suburban Fort Collins, there’s no appetite to raise taxes right now. Jason, I appreciate your interest, but the reality is at this moment, I don’t see that happening,” Hickenlooper said.

“If there are needs for tax increases, that demand is going to have to come from the community that needs that increase and I believe anyone who can articulate a rational reason to increase taxes for whatever part of the educational process they seek, it ultimately lands in the hands of Colorado voters,” Maes said.

The first of five video segments is posted here, the remaining four parts can be found at the link above.


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