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CO Monday Morning Brew: Governor Edition


•Dan Maes, Tom Tancredo, and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper remain vague on specific measures necessary to address the state’s projected $1 billion plus shortfall:

Pressed by The Denver Post to provide details, the candidates still struggled to outline comprehensive plans and, at times, chose not to answer specific questions. All hedged on whether to make further cuts in higher education, and despite agreeing they would restore $100 million in tax breaks cut by lawmakers this year, none offered a substantial way to recoup the revenue that would be lost in such a reversal.

Democrat John Hickenlooper, who has a wide lead over his two opponents, has offered fewer details than they have.

Not surprising, said Denver political consultant Eric Sondermann, since that leaves Hickenlooper’s hands untied by campaign promises.

“This is what happens in a non-competitive race. If it was hotly contested, there would be pressure to have specifics,” Sondermann said. “For Hickenlooper, specificity is your enemy. It can only hurt him. He just wants to run out the clock.”

•The gubernatorial debate in Colorado Springs elicits some memorable quotes from the candidates:

“I felt like a third wheel,” said Hickenlooper. […]

“What are you today, a fraud, a liar or a statesman?” Maes asked Tancredo at one point.

“You can’t count at all,” Tancredo told Maes during an exchange over fiscal issues.

•Maes releases a new video: “Not this time”:


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