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CO Monday Morning Brew

•The Denver Post criticizes Sen. Michael Bennet’s ad portraying Republican opponent Ken Buck as an “extremist”:

The pervasive tone of Bennet’s ad is dark and alarmist, with a message that is fundamentally unfair. If Bennet intends to have a fair and vigorous discussion on the issues that matter to Coloradans, he’s off to a poor start.

CBS4Denver, The Denver Channel, and 9NEWS all did fact checks on Bennet’s ad, and found it generally wanting, full of comments taken out of context or used in a misleading fashion:

•For his part, Ken Buck has said he will only run “positive” ads during the fall campaign.

•Tea Partiers (including Ken Buck) in the Senate–“The GOP Senate caucus will be the most conservative since at least World War II.”

•Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-7) has put up the first ad of the fall, touting his frequent grocery store visits, and is praised as a “workhorse” (his opponent, Ryan Frazier, launched his first ad last week):

•A Denver Post article takes a close look at the legislative battle between Democrats and Republicans on the state level, but the story also suggests Republicans could take back one U.S. Senate seat and between one and three seats in the House–a pick up of almost half (4 of 9) of Colorado’s total Congressional delegation–“Unaffiliated voters this cycle favor Republicans.”

•Campaign wish for gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes: The “resources and time to file legal action” against those “who are betraying their party.”

•Tom Tancredo protested his exclusion from the Club 20 debate in Grand Junction on September 11.


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