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CO Thursday Lunch Box

U.S. Senate

•Sen. Michael Bennet, earlier this year, discussing carbon tax vs. Cap and Trade:

•9NEWS runs a “truth test” on an ad from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce targeting Sen. Michael Bennet:


•Rep. Diana DeGette is feeling the heat from Dr. Mike Fallon’s NRCC “On the Radar” status and using it for a little emergency fundraising.


Ryan Frazier on whether he will join the Congressional Black Caucus should he unseat Rep. Ed Perlmutter in November:

Ryan Frazier, a black Colorado Republican who’s polling neck-and-neck with incumbent Ed Perlmutter, says he’d also be interested in joining the CBC. Through a spokesperson, Frazier said he’d “absolutely entertain the idea of joining the CBC.”


•Tom Tancredo (ACP) has softened his stance on three anti-tax measures as he moves ahead in the polls against his Republican opponent Dan Maes. Tancredo still trails Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper.

•Bizarre year in Colorado’s gubernatorial race? Another layer of weird is added:

Victoria Adams has dropped out as the running mate for unaffiliated candidate Jason Clark, claiming Clark hates women and mistreated his campaign staff.

Clark said he dropped her from his campaign on Tuesday and will find a new running mate. He denies mistreating women and said the stress of the campaign was too much for Adams.

Rich Coolidge, spokesman for Secretary of State Bernie Buescher, said this has never happened before and the secretary is seeking legal advice to see if Clark’s votes will be counted.

He said it’s a state requirement that a gubernatorial candidate have a running mate. [emphasis added]

•GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams: “Stand behind” Maes.


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