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CO Tuesday Afternoon Roundup: Tancredo Will Stay on Ballot


•Tom Tancredo faced a voter-initiated challenge to the legitimacy of his candidacy for governor on the American Constitution Party ticket, but a judge ruled that the party’s ability to make its own rules trumped state law when it came to candidate certification. Full decision here.


ABC News’ Amy Walter says Rep. John Salazar (D) faces a tough reelection against Scott Tipton in 2010, as the “all-politics-is-local” meme that helped make the district a “safe” seat for Salazar in two previous elections might not prove to not be enough this cycle.

Salazar’s campaign has called for Tipton to explain his use of the 9/11 phrase “Let’s roll” during his statements at the Club 20 debate in Grand Junction this past Saturday.

Salazar answers a lengthy questionnaire from a local blogger, Ari Armstrong, on a handful of social issues–including abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage–that have not been at the forefront of the 2010 debate, but are nonetheless important to a handful of powerful constituencies.


•The Coloradoan conducted a lengthy interview with each of the four candidates for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, and the subject stayed focused on government spending and debt. Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey, a first-time incumbent, faces Republican Cory Gardner, independent Ken “Wasko” Waszkiewicz and American Constitution Party candidate Doug Aden. Markey’s record–voting for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus bill in particular–frames the debate over deficit spending and the effect on the national debt due to entitlement spending and interest on the debt itself. Markey supports a bill that proposes to close the deficit gap, but it remains short on details.


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