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Colorado: Friday Afternoon Roundup

MSNBC’s political analysts rank Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat at number 7 on the “Top 10 Senate Takeovers,” giving the GOP a 50-50 chance in a toss up race.

•Dick Morris lists the 7th Congressional District as a “marginal” opportunity where just a little extra “work can make a big difference.” While Morris gets Republican Ryan Frazier’s name correctly, he lists the Democratic opponent as “Dave Pearlmutter.” Rep. Ed Perlmutter has held the seat since 2006.

•Embattled GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes continued to defend his campaign, called the state’s campaign finance laws “ridiculous,” and decried the “evil” in the system:

After two weeks of negative press, a defiant Dan Maes went hard on the defensive Thursday at a meeting with conservative groups in Durango, saying he recognized “evil” in his detractors.

Maes spent most of his hour-and-a-half at the microphone explaining a series of scandals that lately have characterized his unlikely campaign and even have earned him national attention.

“I think what’s happening is some of you are saying to yourself, ‘Uh-oh, something’s not right about this guy. He’s the same as everyone else,’” he told the overflow crowd gathered at the Church of Christ on Florida Mesa. “And I’m here to make it right tonight … to be accountable.” […]

“I love that you opened with prayer because this is not just political war, folks, this is a spiritual battle,” he said. “There is evil out there. When I interact with some of these people, I can feel the evil. They’re not evil people, but evil finds its way into the system. And we must stand and fight this to the end.”

•On the subject of campaign-finance law, Maes signed a candidate affidavit in March 2009 attesting to familiarity with the regulation, but said on local radio that, “I can’t recollect something I signed a year ago.”

•Yesterday, Maes promised a “little surprise”–and said the campaign continues “waiting on some big news that may or may not happen.” Stay tuned.

•Maes did lose his volunteer treasurer this week due to a long “commute.” The treasurer left on good terms.


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