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Colorado State Roundup

U.S. Senate

•The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has targeted Ken Buck with two new ads, “Represent” and “Backwards”:

9NEWS fact checks an ad targeting Sen. Michael Bennet from the Club for Growth.

• Democrats have targeted Buck’s stances on women’s reproductive rights–the ultimate “wedge issue” for Colorado independent and unaffiliated female voters.

Bennet told the New York Times the 2000s were a “wasted decade.” David Harsanyi begs to differ.


Rep. Betsy Markey and Cory Gardner spar over anthropogenic global warming/climate and Cap and Trade legislation.

• Markey agrees to debate in October. There will be a 4th district debate featuring all four candidates–by a TV station in Wyoming.


•Dan Maes’ spokesman Nate Strauch on last week’s $500,000 fundraising money-bomb: “It went very well […] Suffice to say we didn’t reach half-a-million, but it was certainly a good day.” Strauch admitted to Westword that the take amounted to less than six figures.

•All three gubernatorial candidates are short on specifics to meet Colorado’s estimated $1 billion-plus budget deficit.


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