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Coons: I’ll be a Solid Democrat Vote During the Lame Duck Session!

The Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso highlights a pledge Democratic senate candidate Chris Coons makes in a fundraising letter:

…Unlike most of the 2010 Senate campaigns, this race is actually a special election to finish-out the balance of Joe Biden’s term. The winner of the November 2 election will be sworn in by mid-month and cast votes during the critical lame duck legislative session.

With votes on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Bush tax cuts already planned, Democrats need every vote in that session if we are to take on the challenges we face as a state and a nation.

It’s a bold promise to make, pledging to promote the Obama agenda that strongly. Many Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the administration this cycle (notice the lack of ads promoting Obamacare, and the number of Democrats who have said they’re for extending all the Bush tax cuts). Coons has apparently decided that what will appeal to Delaware voters is promising to do his best to continue the type of polices that passed in the last couple of years.

By now, probably the majority of voters know Christine O’Donnell’s views on evolution, masturbation, and witchcraft (all topics, of course, that the Senate regularly tackles and votes on). But are they aware of Chris Coons’s commitment to vote solidly with his party? In the long run, that might just impact the course of the country a tad bit more.

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