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Dan Maes, Embattled GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, ‘Addresses Concerns’ in New Video

To say that Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes has had a long couple of weeks would be an understatement. Calls for him to step down as the GOP candidate poured in last week, and were met with rebuffs from Maes and his supporters.

In recent radio appearances, he has been pressed by the hosts on numerous subjects including campaign finance compliance and his claims about his personal record as a law enforcement officer in Kansas more than two decades ago. Maes remained steadfast in accepting responsibility for his flaws as a candidate (campaign finance) and denied impropriety with his past service (as a police officer in the 1980s).

Maes sought to address these issues in a new video released late Tuesday evening:

Recent polling suggests that Maes has lost support for two reasons: the campaign snafus and the entry of former Republican Tom Tancredo as a third-party “spoiler.”


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