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Debate Liveblog Part 5 – Closing Statements

8:53 – Kasich going folsky again with anecdote about employees at a Bob Evans Restaurant. “I can’t build a stronger Ohio. We need to build a stronger Ohio.” Says “we’ll be the lobbyists for the taxpaying citizens of Ohio. We’ll stick up for them.” Extremely populist notes, still relentlessly positive. Talks about his mother and father.

8:55 – Strickland says “People are hurting in Ohio.” Talks about his term in Congress, and says he returned over $40,000 to his home district. Not coming off nearly as friendly as Kasich, but looks more dignified than his rant would suggest. “I think we should celebrate the fact that we live in this great state.” Sounds like a concession speech up until the end, given that he thanks for his years of service.

Well, that was it. More spin to come tomorrow.


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