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Democrats Continue to Pound Heck in NV-3

The day after the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) launched a viciously dishonest attack ad against NV-3 contender Joe Heck, the Dina Titus campaign is out with an ad centered on a comment Heck made about the role of Congress in creating jobs. The ad concludes that Heck is “not on our side”:


With a little more than six weeks until early voting begins, there is still plenty of time for Heck–a former state senator who is also a physician, business owner, and Army reservist–to defend his positions as well as counter-attack. Heck can and will appeal to the doubts of the 15 percent of NV-3 voters who are unemployed or the 70 percent who are upside down on their homes.


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