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Democrats Picking up Zombie Vote?

According to a recent editorial in the Washington Times, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, has been steadily attempting to engineer the printing of bilingual ballots while ignoring a much more pressing issue pertaining to voter fraud. Part of the editorial below:

The Justice Department has been pressuring Cuyahoga’s election board to provide bilingual ballots for all of its nearly 1 million registered voters in order to accommodate about 6,000 people covered by a special Voting Rights Act provision meant to help those educated in Puerto Rico’s Spanish-language schools. On Wednesday, the four-member board split on whether to kowtow to Justice’s demands, but Ms. Brunner cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of the feds’ position.

Ms. Brunner’s priorities are misplaced. “Nearly 5,800 Ohioans who’ve died are still registered to vote, and ballots may have been cast in the names of at least 16 Ohioans after their deaths,” according to press reports. This isn’t surprising because in 2008 Ms. Brunner fought attempts to ensure ballot integrity, particularly against measures to verify authenticity of people registering and voting on the same day.


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