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DNC Chair to Delaware: Reject the Tea Party

Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine has a message for Delaware: Just say no to the tea party.

“Right here in Delaware, with the nation watching, you’ve got a great chance to say ‘no’ to tea party GOP candidates,” Kaine told about a hundred people at a Delaware rally yesterday, according to the Associated Press.

A mid-September Fox poll showed that 41 percent of Delaware residents will vote “to express opposition to the Tea Party movement.” Only 26 percent intend their vote to demonstrate support for the movement.

Republican National Committee spokesman Parish Braden responded with a statement that blasted Democrats for the unemployment rate: “Unfortunately, Tim Kaine’s lofty rhetoric won’t change the fact that Harry Reid’s ‘pet’ Chris Coons is pledging his support for the same reckless economic policies that lead to 9.6 percent unemployment.”

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