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Evening Aggregation from Nevada

Here are today’s best-of-the-west election blips and blurbs:

  • The battleground that is Nevada’s third congressional district can’t rightfully be claimed by either party:

172,677 of voters are registered Democrats

147,383 are Republican

64,447 are nonpartisan

16,456 are Independent American

2,221 are Libertarian

898 are Green

Total: 404,082

Source: Nevada secretary of state

  • A veteran political reporter writes about the unfortunate political luck of Rep. Dina Titus over the years, with the obvious exception of 2008 when she rode Obama’s coattails into office. His close:

On Nov. 2, we will know if the 3rd Congressional District is the right place at the right time for Titus once again, pushed to victory by the Democratic turnout machine, or if it will be the wrong place at the wrong time, as the GOP deluge submerges her hopes of a second term.

  • The CEO of MGM and beneficiary of Harry Reid’s help with financing for the troubled CityCenter development in Las Vegas today bashed Sharron Angle’s understanding of economic issues.

  • One of Nevada’s veteran statehouse reporters writes about Angle’s “uncompromising” record as a four-term state assemblywoman, characterizing her frequent “no” votes in the state’s 42-member Assembly just as Angle herself has done in the past: “41 to Angle.”

  • A pro-Angle PAC has a new radio ad that will hit the state’s airwaves soon.

  • Angle gets a mention in an LA Times piece on the possible GOP takeover of the Senate.

  • Harry Reid said some interesting things when he was interviewed by ABC News over the weekend. One amusing take-away was a claim that he doesn’t like to boast followed by a little bit of boasting:

Asked if he’s sure he’s going to win, Reid responded: “I’m not a person who boasts or brags. I have had the best campaign in the state of Nevada. I have the best campaign in the country. It’s going now. We’ve had a lot of work to do and we’ve done that. So I feel very comfortable where we are.”

  • Nevada’s conservative think tank criticizes the anti-voucher stance of gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid in his plan to improve education.

  • Harry Reid attended and spoke at Nevada’s National Clean Energy Summit this morning, citing examples from the 2009 federal stimulus bill, but saying the more than $70 billion put into clean-energy programs were “a mere spark” for the renewable energy sector:

“We need to take that spark and turn it into a wildfire,” Reid said. “We need to improve incentives for clean-energy investments and give businesses more certainty.”

  • Reid’s new television ad answers Angle’s attacks on him for Nevada’s record high rates of unemployment and home foreclosures. The ad says former President Bush’s policies that “shattered the economy” and also blames Wall Street “greed”:


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