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Exclusive: Buck Dishes on New Bennet Attack Ad and Stimulus Flip Flops


Ken Buck makes the rounds at a meet-and-greet in Denver

At a meet-and-greet with young professionals in Denver, Ken Buck chatted with BATTLE ‘10 about the campaign’s newest TV ad–“Unfair.”

“They are misrepresentations and falsehoods, they are spliced material that create an image that isn’t true,” said Buck, referring to segments in an ad from Sen. Michael Bennet that appears to take Buck’s statements out of context, according to local news outlets. Buck continued, “It was important for me personally to say this isn’t true; I think it’s unfair, and I think what he’s been doing in Washington DC is unfair, and try to make that as clear as possible.”

Buck moved on to Sen. Bennet’s comments in a pair of stories from Politico and The Hill that seemed to portray Bennet at odds with his own statements on both the original stimulus (“essential” but “fell short”) and the newly proposed infrastructure stimulus (no “new money” before original funds spent). Bennet has repeatedly said that “we have nothing to show for” trillions in debt, and implicated himself and his party in the stimulus, calling it “immoral to leave this to our children.” In a new ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Bennet is shown saying on video that, “I voted for it, and I’m glad I did,” referring to the stimulus.

“Senator Bennet is trying to run away from his record. He voted for the stimulus bill, he voted for health care, he voted for a lot of big government. He’s now in a general election against a small-government Republican and we’re getting a lot of traction,” Buck told BATTLE ‘10. “Just like he tried to run to the left of Andrew Romanoff, he is trying to run to the right of Ken Buck. And it is not going to be successful. He can parse his words any way he wants on the stimulus bill, he voted for it. He believed in it at the time. I don’t think people are going to give him much credibility about how he is not in favor of it now,” Buck concluded.

Buck and Bennet faced off in Grand Junction last weekend for the first debate between the Senate contenders. Today, they will face off again, in Colorado Springs.

Buck admitted to BATTLE ‘10 that, “It is difficult as the debater to know whether you’re scoring points or not scoring points. It was a good opportunity to see us and hear our positions and frankly hear a discourse between us of the issues and the more we do that, the better. We’re certainly up for doing that as much as possible, and I hope the Bennet campaign is also.”


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