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Exclusive: Consultant Explains Kirk’s Lack of Traction and Candidates’ Finance Problems

Paul Miller, president of the Paulie Group, a political/communications consulting group in Illinois, recently spoke to Battle ‘10 about the Senate and House races in Illinois. Speaking on the Kirk/Giannoulias race, Miller said the problem for Kirk boiled down to an enthusiasm gap among conservatives and also a lack of trust with independent voters.

“Among voters who haven’t decided who to vote for, the question is, ‘Do I vote for the crook or the liar?’” Miller said, while stressing that neither description was necessarily fair.

Miller also made a comment which sheds light on not just Illinois, but also the lack of effectiveness which attacks on candidate finances have had in recent races. Discussing the race in IL-8 between incumbent Democrat Melissa Bain and Republican challenger Joe Walsh, Miller suggested that the recession blunted attacks on candidates for financial troubles/improprieties:

Miller said voters are asking: ”Are you really going to go after a person in this election year for their financial problems, or does that make you one of the people?”


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