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Exclusive: A Conversation with NV-3’s Joe Heck

BATTLE ‘10 caught up with Republican House candidate and would-be Titus-trouncer Joe Heck at an event over the weekend. Below is the first part of the video Q&A.

First, Heck talked about the barrage of negative ads from the Titus campaign and AFSCME and what he thinks it means that they went so negative so quickly:


Heck shares his views on the Bush tax cuts and marginal tax rates for the middle class and small businesses:



Heck’s view of the small-business bill passed in Washington, D.C., this week:



Heck answers a question about Nevada’s down-ticket races and whether he thinks he can beat Titus even if Harry Reid pulls off the win:



Tomorrow we’ll bring you Part II in which Heck talks about whether he thinks illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Nevadans and gives his views on the DREAM Act and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”


[Video work by Ken Minster]


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