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Exclusive: ‘Young Gun’ Mike Fitzpatrick Talks Taxes, the Economy, and Pat Murphy

Mike Fitzpatrick is adamant: extend the Bush tax cuts indefinitely — at least while unemployment remains above 6 percent — or the resulting tax increases will adversely hit small businesses and further stifle job growth.

Fitzpatrick, vying to reclaim his old 8th Congressional District seat in Pennsylvania from Democrat Patrick Murphy, spoke outside of Fiberglass Technologies in Levittown today about his vision for the economy, and how Murphy’s policies have been destructive to job creation.

After the press conference, Battle ‘10 spoke with Fitzpatrick about the impact that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would have on small businesses. Small businesses falling under the “S corporation” classification are taxed at the personal tax rate. This means that an expiration of tax cuts on earnings over $250,000 would hit many small businesses in addition to the so-called wealthy.

Battle ‘10 will feature an in-depth on Fitzpatrick’s appearance, along with the owner of Fiberglass Technologies, this weekend.

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