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Like Father Like Son

Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid is apparently taking a page from dear old dad’s playbook. His campaign this morning announced a discussion about making “Nevada the leader in clean energy production to create thousands of new jobs.” The event takes place today in Reno. Reid’s 15-point plan includes:

  • Offering financial programs to attract clean energy businesses and using stimulus funds to create a Nevada Energy Independence Fund.

  • Unleashing the power of our universities and colleges into renewable energy to create new technologies and innovations that can be carried around the world. 

  • Working with neighboring states to create a multi-billion dollar business exporting clean energy to states like California.

  • Pursuing biomass production, working with other governors to utilize millions of acres of Pinyon-Juniper growth.

The plan also includes an initiative to allow homeowners to finance their energy efficiency retrofits through their utility bills.

Harry Reid has been talking about the potential for green jobs to revitalize Nevada’s economy all campaign season. Reid announced this spring that a new solar manufacturing plant would bring 278 jobs to the Las Vegas Valley, thanks to a California-based company (Amonix) which committed to using $5.9 million under the “Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit” for a concentrated photovoltaic solar plant in southern Nevada.

With roughly 197,000 people out of work in Nevada, that leaves only 196,722 green jobs to go.


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