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Feingold Drops ‘Cheddarbomb’

Now that his matchup with Republican Ron Johnson is official, Russ Feingold has announced a desperate plea for cash:


All the polls show this race is a toss-up and I expect it to remain tight until Election Day.

My opponent multimillionaire Ron Johnson thinks his checkbook can decide this election. He’s so confident about winning that he’s already pledged to spend upward of $15 million of his own fortune, or “all of it,” to win.

Today, September 15, my campaign is launching our newest effort:”15 for 15 Cheddarbomb.” We’ll match Ron Johnson’s $15 million with the donations of 15,000 grassroots donors. This is our first-ever “moneybomb” or as we call it in Wisconsin – a “Cheddarbomb.”

Here’s an interesting paragraph:

Johnson has already spent $4 million on slash-and-burn television ads. Ron Johnson has millions of dollars to spend on attack ads, but you have a voice and it needs to be heard. That’s why I need your help right now.

Really? “Slash-and-burn?” Not sure that’s the phrase you were going for, Senator. Also, whether or not this “voice” in need of audience supports the use of certifiably misleading advertisements, seen here and here, there’s little doubt that Feingold will use this new “cheddar money” to finance more attacks against Johnson. The situation is urgent, because, as Feingold’s letter so eloquently states: “Ron Johnson and the extremists want to win this election bad.” (Not to be a stickler).

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