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Feingold in Trouble, Michelle to the Rescue

The White House announced today that Michelle Obama, the most popular figure in the administration, will appear at a fund-raising event in Milwaukee for Sen. Russ Feingold on Oct. 13, the first in a series of fund-raisers the First Lady will attend on behalf of beleaguered Democrats throughout the country. With the latest PPP poll showing Feingold trailing challenger Ron Johnson by 11 points, no wonder he’s first on the list.

President Obama will visit the state on Sept. 28, but Feingold won’t be there, he’ll be working on Capitol Hill. Certainly a much better excuse than the one he used the last time he missed an Obama appearance in Wisconsin.

Andrew StilesAndrew Stiles is a political reporter for National Review Online. He previously worked at the Washington Free Beacon, and was an intern at The Hill newspaper. Stiles is a 2009 ...


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