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Florida Evening Roundup

  • Charlie Crist backs up even further on gay adoption, saying now that he may drop a state lawsuit currently pending on the matter. UPDATE: A spokesperson from the Attorney General’s office told Battle ‘10 that they will continue to represent their client, but that “Charlie Crist has not reached out to us, so I guess we’re learning about it the same way you guys are.”

    Meanwhile, Crist announced that he will not appear at a scheduled forum with Kendrick Meek on Wednesday to show solidarity with a union picketing the event location.


  • A new Fox News poll shows Crist trailing Marco Rubio by 16 points — a huge margin in what has been an extremely tight race. For possible reasons why, see the first bullet point above.


  • Steve Southerland, a funeral home director challenging Democratic incumbent Allen Boyd in FL-2, forgot that he wrote his opponent a check in 1997. Whoops! “I honestly do not remember making a $100 contribution to Allen Boyd over 13 years ago,” Southerland said in a statement. “I apologize to the Second District voters for any confusion caused by my statement that I had not contributed to his campaign.”

    Boyd has taken the news as evidence that Southerland can’t be trusted. But voters are getting balance in their media diet, too, since they’re being hit with the NRCC’s new ad, which drops the name Nancy Pelosi in connection with Boyd.


  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is ramping up two weeks of 60-second ads nailing Charlie Crist as a flip-flopper in the mold of John Kerry and Arlen Specter.

  • Jim DeMint hands the Republican Party of Florida a deposit slip worth $250,000.


  • The branding battle continues in the governor’s race, with Republican Rick Scott dropping a new ad linking his opponent with “the most liberal president ever.” Democrat Alex Sink responds: “He needs to start talking about the state of Florida.”

    A new poll shows Scott trailing Sink by eight points. But help is on the way: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal may be coming to stump for Scott, the St. Petersburg Times reports.


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