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Florida House Candidates Weigh in on GOP’s ‘Pledge to America’

Since the GOP unveiled the “Pledge to America” — a governing document akin to the “Contract with America” which accompanied the Republican Revolution of 1994 — Battle ‘10 has been scouring the Florida political landscape for reaction.

There’s been no word yet from Marco Rubio or Sandy Adams in FL-24, the seat which many pundits consider the likeliest Republican pickup, but a few of Florida’s GOP candidates are beginning to weigh in.

Allen West, FL-22

“I find the Pledge to America it to be a very comprehensive plan that addresses the critical issues for our Country based upon facts and proven Constitutional and economic principles. I am glad to see the GOP has a roadmap and not just empty platitudes which do not meet the needs of the American people,” West wrote in a statement to Battle ‘10.

“However, we all recall the ‘Contract with America’ and as we say in the military, most plans do not survive first contact with the enemy. The failure of the GOP to stick to the 1994 contract leading to an exorbitant growth of government and spending resulted in their demise in 2006/2008. My objective is to make sure this plan is followed and provide the best representation for the constituents of Florida’s Congressional District 22, and be a guardian of their economic and national security.”

Steve Southerland, FL-2

“Since launching my campaign against career politician Allen Boyd, I have pledged my commitment to creating jobs, lowering taxes, reducing spending, and shrinking the size of government,” Southerland wrote in a statement to Battle ‘10.

“While I am pleased that many of the issues I care about are included in the Pledge to America, my focus remains the same.  As a small business owner and North Florida native, I am prepared to go to Washington, clean up the Pelosi-Boyd mess, and return a voice to the people of the Second District.”

Daniel Webster, FL-8

Brian Graham, a spokesman for the Daniel Webster campaign, said that part of the problem with today’s Congress is its rush to pass bills it hasn’t read.

“That’s not the way Dan Webster is,” Graham told Battle ‘10. “Dan is a person that doesn’t make a statement about anything until he reads it. And you’ve got to love him for that.”

Webster is reading the “Pledge” carefully and expects to make a statement Friday.


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