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Florida’s Wednesday in Review

  • Four polls in a row now give Marco Rubio a double-digit lead over both of his opponents, and the Republican Party of Florida is rhetorically dancing in the streets. The latest puts Rubio 14 points ahead in a 40-26-21 race.

    Speculation that Democrats would rally around either Crist or Meek has abounded, but hasn’t materialized. They probably hope this latest set of polls will speed up the process. Joy Reid’s take is instructive: “Reuters/Ipsos poll: Rubio 40, Crist 26, Meek 21. Or put another way: Rubio 40, Not Rubio, 47. Numbers like this will play into the narrative that either the Crist or Meek candidacy must die so that the other can live.”

    In that vein, Crist adds to his growing list of Democratic endorsements with announcements from two more state representatives.


  • Charlie Crist has a hard time finding himself on the ballot, telling reporters he’ll be listed eighth when in reality he will be ninth.


  • The Republican Party of Florida accused Charlie Crist of mismanaging party money last week, threatening to sue the Governor for reimbursement. The party initially refused to release the audit that it says detailed those findings. Under pressure, the party agreed to make the documents public on Friday.


  • Democrat incumbent Suzanne Kosmas of FL-24 incongruously associates her challenger, Sandy Adams, with Christine O’Donnell of Delaware, nearly 1,000 miles away.


  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott leads the race’s latest poll by two points. The Democratic Governors Association, meanwhile, drops $2 million into the race on behalf of Alex Sink.


  • Finally, Rush Limbaugh was taken in by a Wikipedia huckster, who falsely edited the biography of the Florida district court judge who will hear a challenge to the health-care reform bill brought by the attorneys general of 20 states. From the New York Times:

Mr. Limbaugh spent some time profiling Judge Vinson, a senior judge on the Federal District Court in Pensacola, who had just announced he would allow a legal challenge to the new health care law to advance to a full hearing. The conservative radio host informed his listeners that the judge was an avid hunter and amateur taxidermist who once killed three brown bears and mounted their heads over his courtroom door to “instill the fear of God into the accused.”


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