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Fox News/Pulse Opinion Research: Buck Leads Bennet 47-43


Voter dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and anger at the Federal government do not bode well for Democrats’ prospects in Colorado, according to a new Fox News/Pulse Opinion Research poll of likely voters from September 25:

In a new Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters, Buck leads Bennet 47 percent to 43 percent, with 5 percent preferring a minor party candidate and 5 percent undecided. Voters who decide late in elections usually favor challengers over incumbents.

The survey found 56 percent of voters disapproved of Obama’s job performance and 53 percent supported repealing Obama’s national health care program. Forty-one percent classified themselves as angry about the way the federal government works –the angriest state in this week’s battleground surveys. [emphasis added]

This wave against the party in power, though, has not been enough to salvage Republican hopes for governor.

Candidate Dan Maes, a Tea Party backed candidate who grabbed the nomination following a plagiarism scandal that sank the hopes of the GOP frontrunner, garnered just 15 percent of the vote in the three way contest with Democrat John Hickenlooper and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, running on the American Constitution Party line.

Hickenlooper took 44 percent of the vote and Tancredo garnered 34 percent. Without Tancredo in the race, Maes would still trail Hickenlooper by 14 points. Maes, who has been dogged by financial problems and claims he fabricated parts of his resume, has defied repeated Republican calls to drop out of the race.

Coloradans are not impressed with the Obama administration’s economic policies, with 49 percent believing those policies have “hurt” Colorado’s economy. The economy in the state is “not so good” for 48 percent of likely voters, and 59 percent believe that the government should be smaller, with fewer services. In addition to the 41 percent of voters who are “angry” about the Federal government, an additional 31 percent are “dissatisfied but not angry”–providing a glimpse of the backlash against the party in power and government in general felt by voters in Colorado.


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