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Frazier on Tea Party Influence; Republicans Must ‘Engage in Black Communities’

Ryan Frazier, the Republican candidate in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, discusses the influence of the Tea Party groups, a Republican Party agenda, the economy and spending, and the necessity of Republican engagement in minority communities:

“Show up. Engage. We know where to find folks,” Frazier, who is running against Rep. Earl Perlmutter, D-Colo., in a traditionally conservative seat in Colorado. “It’s like knocking on someone’s door. You know, someone will say, you know I voted for the other guy before, but because you knocked on my door, you have my support this time. We’ve got to do the same time of engagement — show up, talk about the issues, talk about how you create jobs.” […]

Asked why it’s been so long since any black Republicans have won seats in the House or Senate, Frazier said:

“I think it speaks largely to the fact that Republicans have not done enough to engage in black communities, in Hispanic communities, on the issues that they care about. And I think one thing I’ve tried to do in my campaign is reach out to everybody. And you know, I’m not afraid to show up to an NAACP meeting or Hispanics’ contractor meeting to talk about issue. And you know, half the battle is just showing up. And that’s one thing we as Republicans need to do a better job of.”


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