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Fresh Election OJ, Not From Concentrate

  • Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist, and Kendrick Meek will debate today in Miami at 1 p.m., to be taped and aired locally later tonight. This will be the first time they’ve sparred together, at least since the August primary, so it should be an eventful hour. Battle ‘10 will be in attendance; look for updates here throughout the day.


  • The Florida Chamber of Commerce comes out for Republican Rick Scott, even though Democrat Alex Sink once served on its board. Critics are calling it a flip-flop, since the Chamber spent big to defend Scott’s primary rival Bill McCollum just a few weeks ago. The incoming statehouse minority leader, commenting on the speed with which McCollum backers have changed their tunes, dropped all pretense of rational discourse: “It could be a convicted child molester, and if he was the Republican nominee for governor, they would be there — Kumbaya,” he said, according to the Miami Herald.


  • Big names are getting on board for more fundraisers. It’s Nancy Pelosi for FL-24 incumbent Suzanne Kosmas at a $500-minimum event near Capitol Hill. President Obama, meanwhile, will attend a fundraiser for FL-22 incumbent Ron Klein next month, held in the home of basketball superstar Alonzo Mourning. Klein faces a tough challenge from GOP favorite Allen West.


  • The Club for Growth gets in on the bonanza of anti-Crist ads.


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