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Fresh-squeezed Florida Headlines

  • Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek are teaming up on Charlie Crist again, over a new flip-flop. Crist released a position paper that states he favors civil unions, anti-discrimination laws, and gay adoption. Au contraire, say his opponents. Rubio has posted a video from 2006 in which Crist states, “I don’t think gay adoption is appropriate,” while Meek has dug up an old Crist mailer.

  • In answer to Republican Rick Scott’s website attacking his rival Alex Sink, alexsinkingflorida.com, Democrats have launched whatisrickscotthiding.com — not to be confused with whatsscotthiding.com, which details the alleged malfeasance of a totally different Scott.

  • PolitiFact fact-checks a joke, that the GOP would make history by electing Rick Scott as Floria’s first bald governor. Rating: False. (Wait until you see the chrome dome on Harrison Reed, governor from 1868-1873.) This seems in good fun, but for the sake of terrible puns everywhere, hopefully jokes stay off the site’s radar in the future. (False: The candidate actually flew in on a Boeing 747, unlike he implied, and thus, was exaggerating the tiredness of his arms.)

  • Meek, playing off of a Crist ad in which he rearranges letters, suggests that “You Can’t Spell Conservative Without Crist.”


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