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Friday Afternoon Irreverence

  • The Rick Scott campaign is inviting voters to help name the new family dog, from the choices of Reagan, Duke or Barkley. Here’s betting on Reagan — having just unified the Florida GOP after a bitter primary fight, why risk another schism by snubbing the Gipper? (Plus Reagan is currently leading with 100 percent of the vote.)

    UPDATE: As predicted, Reagan prevails. Now the question is simply whether the young pup will be like Ronald or will turn out more like Ron jr.


  • Ever-quotable Alan Grayson, Democratic incumbent in Florida’s eighth district, suggested in a radio interview Thursday that attendees of Glenn Beck’s DC rally were, in a past life, probably KKK members: “These are people who were wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago.”

    UPDATE: A reader writes: “Someone needs to buy Grayson a calendar, among other things. 25 years ago was *1985*. Was the Klan a big deal in 1985?”


  • The St. Petersburg Times reports on a 2006 spat between a Louisiana family who lost a St. Bernard named Master Tank during Hurricane Katrina, and GOP attorney general nominee Pam Bondi, who adopted the lost dog from the Humane Society. When the family tracked Master Tank to Florida and requested him back, a custody battle ensued. It didn’t end well. “She stole my dog,” one of the original owners tell the Times.


  • In case you needed any more evidence about who Gov. Charlie Crist is courting in his bid for the U.S. Senate: Earlier this afternoon, the Crist campaign uploaded two videos to its YouTube account, “Democrats for Crist” and “Independents for Crist.”

    It could be that the “Republicans for Crist” counterpart is still sitting on the cutting room floor, but there might be an easier explanation. Perhaps, after veering to the left, flipping and flopping, leaving the party, taking GOP donations with him, vetoing a teacher merit pay bill, and vetoing a bill that would have required abortion-seekers to view an ultrasound — perhaps it’s that the campaign couldn’t find any “Republicans for Crist” left.

    UPDATE: Republicans for Crist” uploaded, about 24 hours later. So the half-hearted correction is this: Crist does have GOP supporters, it just takes an extra day to find them.

    Here’s a video summary put together by Florida talk-show host Burnie Thompson:


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